Is a static website right for your business?

Do you need a web presence but don't have time to add your own content?

A static website is the ideal option for clients who don't have time to add their own content, who need a brochure style website to showcase their services or are selling a few products using PayPal buy now buttons. However, if you need a blog attached to your website, we recommend using WordPress for your website, even if you don't plan to add or update the content yourself.

A static website is designed and built offline, usually in HTML and CSS , and is uploaded to a web server using a file manager or FTP. Unless you know HTML and/or CSS, we will need to add, remove or alter any content for you, so you need to budget for ongoing regular updates.

There is no database needed for a static website; what you see is what you get, so there is no danger of overwriting or losing your content while edits are made. There are also no dynamic (server-side) features on a static HTML website unless a third party plug-in or add-on is included using other scripts (e.g. php, javascript, jquery).

A static website design or redesign may be as simple as using a single page temlate with a one column layout, minimal background imagery and only one editable region, and may only have a few pages with basic information in paragraph and bulleted format and a few static images. A basic static website is ideal for start-ups and home based businesses with limited budgets and small, local target markets, and who just need a professional web presence to display information about their product or service.

A static website, however, could be as complex as you need it to be. A complex static website may require multiple page templates, a multi-column layout with numerous editable regions, complex background imagery and/or a variety of interactive features, such as drop down menus, image sliders and photo galleries, tabbed, accordian or collapsible panels, videos, flip books, Google maps and other third party add-ons. A complex static website is ideal for larger companies with various departments, a wide range of services and/or multiple product lines to display and who are trying to capture a larger target market.

If you need a new static website design or your old static website redesigned, contact Kaz Design Works for a quote.

Not sure what your website needs are?

The type of website, complexity of the design and the amount and complexity of the content will determine the cost of your website and will depend on your website design or redesign goals. We provide packages for those on tight budgets for both static websites and WordPress customizations, but for extremely complex websites and eCommerce websites, we will need to provide a customized quote based on the information you provide us in our website design questionnaire and your initial consultation.

Static websites don’t change content and layout with every request unless a human (web master or programmer) manually updates the page.