Are you passionate about scrapbooking?

Now, as part of our offering, we have two brands of scrapbooking supplies and tools for you to choosse from so you can turn your passion into your memories for life.

Introducing , Our Memories for Life and Anthology by Lisa Bearnson

Our Memories For Life

Our Memories for Life

Our Memories For Life is a traditional scrapbooking product line created by Rhonda Anderson the co-founder of Creative Memories. It is now part of the Heritage Makers product line and one of the many brands under the Youngevity umbrella.

Anthology by Lisa Bearnson

Anthology by Lisa Bearnson

Lisa Bearnson designs the most amazing scrapbooking and home decor products, and now that Anthology is sold through the direct sales company¬†Youngevity, you can turn the hobby you love into a successful “work-from-home” business.

Scrapbook supplies and tools from both brands are available for sale at retail through Heritage Makers or by contacting me to place an order.

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Scrapbook supplies are available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Products may also be shipped to other countries, including the UK but you'll need to call customer service to order once you've joined.

Products are shipped from the US and New Zealand, with a distribution facility planned for the UK in the near future.

Some of the many OMFL products available

Some of the many Anthology products available

Want to know more about becoming a distributor of scrapbook supplies by Our Memories For Life and Anthology by Lisa Bearnson?

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