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Graphic Design Terms 1-2: Typesetting vs Typography

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

In my previous post, My journey to becoming a graphic designer, I mentioned typesetting several times. I also mentioned typography. Have you ever wondered what the difference between them is?

Typesetting is the “process” of arranging or composing text ready for printing whereas typography is the “art and technique” of arranging text so that it is visually appealing and readable. (more…)

Save Money on Your Marketing Material

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Or, in other words, get more bang for your buck

I had a meeting a few days ago with a potential new client who needed to plan her marketing material budget for her first year in business. After a long discussion, I went back to the office and drew up a budget for her, but decided it wasn’t just a matter of providing a quote. Knowing how new businesses struggle in the first year, coupled with today’s economy, I wanted to give suggestions on how she could get more bang for her buck.

Now, I am not a marketing guru; my expertise is more in layout and design. However, I hope the knowledge and experience I’ve gained during my many years involved in the newspaper and advertising industries, together with what I’ve learned since deciding to go into business two years ago, have enabled me to give her some food for thought.

Here are the suggestions I made, edited, re-written and additional information added for a wider audience. They mostly relate to saving money on print material. (This is a long read… you might want to sit down with a cup of coffee first!) (more…)