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Microsoft extending XP availability to April 2011

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I read an article first thing this morning that will please business owners running XP on their computers or planning to purchase a new computer in the next year or so.

No doubt you’ve already heard that later this year Microsoft is launching a new Windows operating system to replace the unpopular and user-unfriendly Windows Vista. The long-awaited new operating system, Windows 7, is supposed to far exceed the capabilities of Vista and will be much more user-friendly!

This is wonderful news for small companies planning to purchase a brand new computer before the end of the current tax year or anyone desperate to replace Vista as long as you’re convinced the new operating system will live up to its expectations.

What if you’re not convinced or it’s going to be costly to upgrade?


Anyone notice the new search engine tool on MSN today?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Microsoft launched its new search tool “Bing” today, earlier than expected, and apparently it has refueled the search engine war!

And if you use MSN as your home page you may have noticed the new search bar at the top of the page today. I did, and then later today, I found an interesting article from a link on my Technology and Software News page that talked about the new tool.

What does it mean to us, as small business owners, though?