How to change Outlook 2007’s Server Timeout Settings

Having problems with emails getting stuck in your Outlook outbox but sending repeatedly?

Try changing Outlook’s Server Timeout Settings.

Don’t know how?

Can’t find the answer when you search Outlook’s help menu?

It’s strange but for some reason, when you search Outlook’s help menu for “Server Timeout Settings”, these instructions are nowhere to be found.

Thank goodness for the internet. I found some instructions online and was able to change my settings.

Here’s how:

  1. With Outlook open, click “Tools” followed by “Account Settings”
  2. If it’s not already displaying, click the “E-mail” tab to display the list of email accounts
  3. Double click the email account you wish to change or click the “Change” button to open the “change Email Account” window
  4. Click the “More Settings…” button
  5. Click the “Advanced” tab and, using the “Server Timeouts” slider, increase to 7 minutes or higher.
  6. Click OK, Next, and Finish.
  7. Repeat for each email account listed.

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One Response to “How to change Outlook 2007’s Server Timeout Settings”

  1. Omar Ahmed Says:

    Nice Post, and you are correct that this is an inherent problem to Outlook. I would like to suggest some other options to help speed things up.

    For any email account i noticed that if I used the POP setting and then set the incoming and outgoing servers with SSL then everything coming in and going out is slow as the connection to the sever can take more than 30 seconds just to login and SSL connection slows down the upload for sure and at times even the download. I really don’t see any viable reason to use the SSL feature for mails.

    I am using Go Daddy for my web hosting and they use the POP Asia server.