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Email Etiquette for bulk emails and subject lines

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

emailHow many of you have received an email from someone in your contact list only to find they’ve CC’d everyone in their contact list?

Now hundreds of people you don’t know have your email address. Within in a few days your spam and junk mail begins to increase and you’re not sure why.

Then you remember THAT email! (more…)

Comparison: Facebook vs Your Website

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Facebook screenshot of my "Your business is always open when you have a website" postWhy you should not rely solely on Facebook (insert any other social media) to promote your business instead of your website

Last week, I created a graphic and posted a message on my Facebook business page stating that “Your business is always open when you have a website! Don’t have one? I know just the gal who can help!”

I also shared it on my own timeline, knowing that the reach on my Facebook business page was very low.

My intention was to hopefully receive a few likes and possibly a share or two from anyone who saw the graphic and that it would ultimately lead to new business from someone needing a website.

Shortly, I received a notification that someone had replied to my post. Excited, I logged in to see who it was and what they had written. However, I was amazed to read the following response:

“my FB business page is always open …I never use my webpage”

I was flabbergasted. “I never use my webpage”?

“What a waste of an investment, what a waste of prime real estate for speaking to her audience,” I thought. After some careful consideration, I crafted the following short response: (more…)

How CMYK and RGB Colours Affect Printing Your Photos

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Ever wonder why the colours you get on your printed materials and photos look so different from the ones you see on screen?

It’s because your computer monitor lied to you!