Graphic and Website Design Fees and Discounts

Fees for graphic design and website design services to fit your budget

Kaz Design Works is dedicated to providing you with cost-effective solutions for your graphic and website design needs. When quoting on some projects, it may be necessary to determine your budget in order to provide the best solution for your needs at a price you can afford.


For large projects such as catalogues, magazines and custom website designs, we may need to meet with you in person or consult via Skype or phone to learn more about your business, determine your goals and requirements as well as discuss ideas and options. The initial consultation may take up to two hours. We do not charge for the first consultation. However, depending on the size of the project or package rate, we may charge for additional consultations that last more than 15 minutes. For smaller one-off projects, we may discuss your needs in brief by phone or email. Longer consultations and/or in-person consultations will be charged by the hour and added to the cost of your project.


Kaz Design Works has a number of packages especially for start-ups needing several items to promote their new business, such as logo, business card, brochure, banner sign and website. Packages have been designed to meet various budgets and are at reduced rates compared with purchasing each item separately. We invite you to contact us for our package rates and save on the cost of your promotional material.


Kaz Design Works has created website design and maintenance packages to suit a variety of budgets as well as standard rates for popular website add-ons and extras. However, since each client’s needs are unique, these package rates are a guideline only and may vary up or down depending on a number of factors. We also offer discounted package rates for website updates and maintenance when paid in advance. Contact us us now for our website design package rates.


For custom website design projects, we will provide a questionnaire for you to complete before your initial consultation. Based on your requirements and budget, we will then provide you with a written quote with estimated prices for inclusions and costs for additional items and recommended extras/add-ons. Contact Kaz to request a quote.


Kaz Design Works has standard pricing for small, one-off items, such as business cards, posters, and flyers, web page content, banners and sliders. However, design fees may vary depending on the amount and complexity of artwork and image editing, number of concept designs, mock-ups, and page templates required, number and type of stock images used, project changes, design revisions or text edits.


For website maintenance and updates, consultations and WordPress instruction not included in a quote or package, we charge an hourly fee. We may also charge by the hour for some graphic and website design services, large print projects (such as catalogues, business directories and magazines), problem solving and written advice/instructions. Onsite consultations, WordPress instruction and design services are charged per hour with a minimum of two hours. We offer a reduced rate for consultations via Skype or by telephone with no minimum.


Up to two revisions with minor changes are included with most design projects. We may charge for additional revisions or additional time spent on more complex designs, particularly where the original instructions are changed. Where possible, we will advise you in advance or let you know if your expectations are exceeding your budget or our estimate, so that there are no surprises and so that we may find an alternative solution if possible.


From time to time, Kaz Design Works may need to outsource part of a project such as printing, editing and illustration. We will obtain competitive quotes from trusted service providers and may charge a service fee or mark-up as recommended by each service provider, for time spent or administration fees. Alternatively, we may provide you with a selection of service providers within our network of associates and contact list. In some cases, we may be paid a referral fee but it is the client’s responsibility to determine suitability, affordability and terms of service.

Kaz Design Works aims to keep our rates as low as possible by suggesting alternative solutions to help reduce the cost to our clients. We advise clients on tight budgets to provide as much information as possible before a project begins and to ensure editorial content has been edited and proof read prior to submission to avoid extra charges for additional revisions.

We will always do our best to meet your budget and let you know of ways you can save on the cost of your project. Contact Kaz for more information or to request a quote.

*Excludes sub-contracted or third-party services. Excludes payments made by credit card (PayPal or Square).

Ask about our discounted rates for not-for-profits and charities

We offer 20% discount to registered not-for-profits. For registered charities, we offer up to 50% discount or, in some circumstanstances and, depending on our schedule, we may offer our services on a voluntary basis.

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Ask about our member-to-member discounts*

If you are a member of any of the following organizations**, we offer 10% off  graphic and website design services. Please let us know (or remind us) that you are a member and we will amend our invoice to reflect the discount.

  • Cambridge Chamber of Commerce
  • Norwich Chamber of Commerce
  • Oxford Women in Networking
  • The Canadian Networker
  • Cambridge Women in Business and Leadership

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Ask about our client loyalty discount

If you are a client in good standing and our rates increase, you may continue to pay at the previous rate. If you have been a client for over a year and use our services regularly (an average of eight or more hours a month), we may offer a discount equivalent to our previous hourly rate.

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*Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount, incentive (including reduced loyalty rates and paid-in-advance package rates) or gift certificate. Discounts are not available on third party services and/or products such as print products, editing or illustrations. In order to receive a discount, you must notify us before the start of a project. A discount is null and void where a client makes late payment in excess of 30 days past the due date.
**The above list may change from time to time without notice and/or may not be current. Please check before hiring us to learn if a discount still applies for a particular organization. Only one discount per client per project even if you belong to more than one of the above organizations.

Payment methods and terms*

All payments must be made in Canadian dollars and must include any applicable sales tax.

Kaz Design Works accepts payment by cash, cheque, email transfer (bank to bank). Payment by credit card using PayPal or Square is also accepted for deposits, consultations, online purchases, rush projects and for clients outside of Canada.**

Payment for new clients is 50% upfront, with the balance due on completion, unless otherwise indicated on our quotation or by email prior to the start of your project. Your deposit payment must clear prior to commencement of your project.

For regular clients, payment is due 30 days from date of invoice.

For late payments, interest of 2% per month (24% per annum) will be charged on all outstanding balances and an administration charge may be appied to collect the balance.

We offer 2% discount to clients paying by cash, cheque or email transfer if the entire balance is paid in full at the time of their order or at least five business days prior to the start of their project.

*These payment terms form part of our full terms and conditiosn, which you may request prior to hiring us for your website design project.
**If your project is discounted, any part of our service or product has been provided for free, third party services or products are included (including print or postage costs), and/or if you are using a free gift certificate for part-payment, we may ask that you take care of the credit card processing fee.